Kita sering kali melihat selebriti terkenal yang ditatarias dengan solekan. kadan-kadang kita tertanya-tanya waktu bilakah mereka tidak menggunakan sebarang sentuhan solekan, dan bagaimanakah rupa sebenar mereka tanpa mekap. Tentu hidup mereka bergantung sepenuhnya pada ‘kuasa’ solekan agar kelihatan menawan. Namun, ada juga yang tampil berani di khalayak ramai tanpa mekap. Mereka masih cantik!

Oleh itu, kami ada sediakan beberapa selebriti popular Barat yang sungguh cantik walaupun tidak memakai sebarang solekan di bawah :

#1 Katie Holmes

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#2 Naomi Watts

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#3 Tyra Banks

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#4 Diane Kruger

I'm alive again…phew #startingtheyearwithanhonestnomakeupselfieha

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#5 Gwen Stefani

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#6 Alicia Silverstone

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On the road to Hana. The feeling I have being with Bear on our adventure is so giddy…divine…so free and I feel so lucky to have carved out this time for us to just be. And being his mom, caring for him, is so sweet and lovely. Sand, rain, all of it. Beach walks at night, paddle boarding on the Hanalei River. The drive from Hanalei to Ke’e Beach-it has a wild and moody feeling. Anini Beach is so calm and nice to swim in with good vibes from the people hanging there. We stopped at the St. Regis for a quick look-the view there is so epic and beautiful…we met some lovely friends and decided to return the next night for some hot tub in the rain action ..chasing kids and hopping back and forth between tub and pools. The oceanside path that runs along the Coconut Coast. So pretty. All with my little man Bear. When he is tired at bedtime he is so insanely cute and has so many stories, thoughts and ideas. I want to savor these nights. I'm a naughty mommy for staying up late cozy in bed chatting and storying with him.

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#7 Bella Hadid

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#8 Eva Longoria

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#9 Milla Jovovich

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#10 Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz

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#11 Shakira

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#12 Adele

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Phoenix, AZ / Aug 16

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